Green Building Electrician

All Systems Electric Bend Residential Electrician

If you are looking for a true Bend Oregon Green Building Electrician, then look no further! We do all the wiring for Bend based Green Builder of the Year, SolAire Homebuilders, as well as other green builders in Central Oregon.

We’re really committed to green building in Bend, Oregon and providing the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible product possible.

  • Working on Central Oregon’s first ever net zero house for Solaire Homes
  • Completed LEED platinum house, and various levels of energy star for numerous builders.
  • Can provide information and complete energy efficiency code requirements
  • Works well with other trades to accomplish green building practices
  • Numerous efficiency lighting fixtures and products are available/in stock.

Green from the Ground Up Best Practices

  • Before deciding where electrical lighting should go, make windows part of the overall lighting plan.
  • Skip incandescent light bulbs in favor of alternatives that use less power: compact fluorescent lamps or light-emitting diodes.
  • Choose Energy Star Appliances
  • Install dimmer switches, times or motion-sensing switches on electric lights.
  • Plug electronic devices with standby features into a power strip that can be switched off when the devices are not in use.
  • Go for lighting plans that match the light source with the anticipated use of space – task lighting instead of glaring overhead lights, for example, or lights that can be adjusted depending on how they’re used.
  • Use electrical resistance heating only for heating small spaces on a spot basis, in rooms use only occasionally, or as a backup in a super energy-efficient home.
  • When considering solar power, make sure it won’t be use to power inefficient, outdated appliances. When solar is beyond the budget consider roughing in conduit to the roof so panels can be installed later.