Smart Home Automation

All Systems Electric Bend Residential Electrician

Smart Home Automation is not just a trend.  It’s here to stay, and how you create your smart home makes it sustainable over the years.  We partner with companies like Control4 for their automation hubs and Lutron for their amazing lighting products.  A smart thermostat is pretty much a given, but have you considered automated shades or window coverings?  We can help you pull it all together by being involved in the design from the beginning to the pulling of wire and installing the plugs and panels.

New inventions will hold greater promise for the industry as a whole. Artificial intelligence in products like Amazon Echo and Google Home is a good example.

Adoption of the technology is becoming less and less of a roadblock. People have become very accustomed to integrated devices. Nearly 40 million Americans currently use a smart speaker in their homes. They’re practically a central component of the living room.

In other words, the foundation has been set. You don’t have to be a technocrat to enjoy turning off the three lamps in your living room with a single button. With that said, below you will find some of our top smart home technology products we predict for 2020 and beyond. Note that these aren’t new inventions. They just aren’t commonplace in the home, either because they are still being beta-tested or they are too pricey for the typical consumer.